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RHSC Coaching Staff

Richmond Hill Soccer Club boasts a great number of experienced and qualified coaches, including 12 Nationally licensed coaches, 22 Provincially licensed/certified coaches, and numerous Long Term Player Development (LTPD) certified coaches. Below is a list of some of the most qualified and experienced coaches that we are proud to have as part of our remarkable RHSC Coaching Staff.

Anyone interested in coaching with RHSC in our Rep program should fill our a Rep Coaching Application Form or contact Technical Director Mark Marshall at mark@richmondhillsoccer.com.

Technical Director                      


Mark Marshall

(CSA 'A' & UEFA 'A')





Nationally Licensed Coaches

USSF National 'A'  /  CSA National 'A'  /  UEFA National 'A'  /  CFF National 'A'                                  

Henrich Svetko


Ivan Joseph


Geoff Strauch


Jacques Ngassam






CSA National 'B' / UEFA National 'B' / USSF National 'B'                                                                     

Juan Barreto


Andy King

(CSA & National Youth)

Ryan Gorewicz


Bob Munro

Bob Munro



Nadine Powell


Diarmuid Salvadori

Diarmuid Salvadori


Colin Francis







Provincially Licensed Coaches

Provincial 'B' License                                                                                                                           

Antonio Ferazzoli

Julia Hamer

Lucian Hutanu

Unika Hypolite

(National Youth


Casper Kleczek

Chris Love 


Kaelyn Thom

(National Youth)


Adeel Raziki

C License                                                                                                                                          

Alex Caterenciuc


Juan Garcia 

Mel Marcoccio 

Hilliard Serrao

Ivan Mak





 Provincial Pre-B Certified                                                                                                                    


Bobby Yung 


Steve Carraretto

Pat Escobar

Al Hess

Fabian Peralta 


Vince Principato

Tim Rennie

Shahin Tarkavennejad

William Yami









Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Certified                                                                                 

Jason Chan


Natalie Bukovec


Mikey Babir



Kristina Georgiopoulos


Guo Weiwei


Dave Tullo

Andre Serero

 Sylvain Kamto


Christian Temelkovski


Dejan Vugrinic


Mike Valenti


John Powley


Pouria Mirazimi


Hesam Mobini


Nik Pandikiu


Laura Walker


Cassandra Rea


Sam Sedghinia


Martina Stefancic



Ricky Wong



Don Ippolito








Licensed Goalkeeping Coaches

Rasih Pala



Brad Cater