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Female Mentorship Program

In an effort to support, encourage, and develop female coaches, RHSC has introduced our Female Mentorship Program.

The Female Mentorship Program has been thoughtfully designed to improve upon our coaches' existing skills and create an improved female coaching culture in an environment where coaches feel comfortable asking questions, sharing experiences, and discussing challenges.

The program will be delivered through a series of coaching workshops, consisting of classroom presentations, group activities, on field sessions, and game analysis. The workshops will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Session Planning
  • LTPD: What are the stages and what is required to coach at each stage?
  • Grassroots Soccer
  • Types of Training Sessions
  • Principles of Play: Attacking and Defending
  • Stages of Physical Development 


The program, which is open to all female coaches regardless of current coaching levels or experience, is facilitated by RHSC Staff Coach Kaelyn Thom and 2002 OPDL girls Head Coach Nadine Powell.

We are confident this program will result in a higher level of qualification among our coaches and will increase the number of passionate females coaching within the Club.

Workshop Schedule

The next scheduled Female Mentorship Program Workshops is:

  • Wednesday, October 5thRichmond Green West from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
This workshop will consist of an on-field session followed by a discussion and light snacks in the RHSC Field House, located next to the field. It will be led by Nadine Powell. The topic of this session will be Ball Mastery. 
If you are interested in attending this workshop, or have any questions, please contact Nadine Powell at nadineandkevin@sympatico.ca