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OPDL Coaching Staff

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High Performance Manager: Nadine Powell |  Emailhpm@richmondhillsoccer.com                                      

 Nadine has been involved in coaching soccer for roughly 10 years, previously  coaching with both our 2000 girls and 2002 boys before serving as a coach in our  OPDL program for the past three seasons. She also has experience playing the  game at a high level, winning a Provincial Women's Championship as part of  Manitoba's Women's program.

 Nadine holds the prestigious honour of being the first female coach in our Club's  history to hold a Canadian national coaching license after obtaining her CSA National 'B' license. She has also taken part in many coaching conferences and seminars, including Ontario Soccer's Female Coaching Workshop and the York Region Soccer Association's Successfully Coaching the Female Player.

2001/02 Boys & 2004 Girls Coach: Henrich Svetko  |  Emailhenrich@richmondhillsoccer.com                

 Henrich, a former professional soccer player in his native Slovakia, brings with him  a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked in the soccer world for over  20 years.

 Currently RHSC’s Senior Technical Staff Coach, Henrich has served on our Club’s  Technical Coaching Staff since early 2015. Prior to his role with RHSC, Henrich  excelled in his position with Ontario Soccer, where he served as a Provincial Team   Head Coach for the 1995, 1997, and 1998 Boys. During this time with Ontario Soccer he led the U15 Boys to a Canadian National Championship Gold Medal in 2013 and the U16 Boys to the Canadian National Championship Silver Medal in 2011.

Henrich’s list of coaching qualifications is quite impressive, as he holds both a CSA ‘A’ License and UEFA 'A’ License, as well as his Ontario Soccer Goalkeeper Diploma.

2001/02 Girls Head Coach: Andy King |  Emailandy@richmondhillsoccer.com                                           

 Andy has been involved in coaching for nearly 15 years, with roles in Canada, the   USA, and England. He has experience as an OPDL Head Coach with our Club's   2002 girls team and has served as a Staff Coach with RHSC for several years,   where he has worked with a number of our age groups, including the U8 to U12   boys and U15 girls.

 Andy currently holds his CSA National 'B' coaching license, as well as a US National  Youth Diploma and NSCAA Advanced National Diploma. His impressive coaching knowledge, combined with his enthusiastic attitude and playing experience, enables Andy to provide a refreshing and valuable level of insight and guidance to our players. 

2003 Boys & 2003 Girls Head Coach: Bob Munro  |  Emailbmunro@richmondhillsoccer.com                  

 Bob has been coaching in soccer for over 35 years and has worked to  develop hundreds of elite level players. Bob, who holds a National level coaching  license, spent a portion of his career as the Head Coach of the Ontario provincial  team, winning 4 National Championships. It was in this role where he got the  chance to coach, develop, and mentor Dwayne De Rosario and Paul Stalteri, 2 of  the most prolific players in the history of Canadian soccer. He followed this up  with a short, but successful stint in Cuba working with the U16 National Team.

Bob served as the Technical Director & Head Coach of Richmond Hill Soccer Club for 19 years, overseeing coaching selection for all of our Club’s programs and also serving on the coaching staff of an astonishing 9 Ontario Cup winning teams. Most recently, he has worked as a Head Coach in our OPDL program since the 2015 season.

2004 Boys & 2005 Girls Head Coach: Colin Francis  |  Email:  francica@email.uscupstate.edu                  

 Colin has the ability to train both girls and boys at high levels, as he currently   serves as the Head Coach for both our 2004 Boys & 2005 Girls teams in our OPDL   program.

 Colin has tremendous experience playing the game, as he spent 4 years as a   Division 1 NCAA athlete at the University of South Carolina in the USA. He has   also spent some time training with the Trinidad and Tobago U20 National Team.


In addition to his vast playing experience, Colin currently holds his National 'B' coaching license from the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).


2005 Boys Head Coach: Fabio Campoli  |  Emailfabio.campoli@uoit.net                                                   

 Fabio joins RHSC's OPDL program after serving as the coach of Woodbridge   Soccer Club’s 2006 boys for the past 7 years.

 Fabio, who currently holds his Provincial 'B' coaching  license from Ontario Soccer   and is in the process of obtaining his CSA National B license, plays Ontario   University Athletics (OUA) soccer for the UOIT Ridgebacks.

 He was awarded Athlete of the Year honours in 2017, which was a year where Fabio broke the UOIT school record for most goals in a single season and also became the first player in the university’s history to be named an OUA First Team All Star.