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Return to Play

RHSC is thrilled to announce that we are officially getting back to playing the beautiful game we all love! We are beyond proud of our organization for being adaptable and working on all logistics in order for all of this to happen. We have put the safety of all players, parents, staff and coaches first in all decisions we have made during this process, and will continue to do so! 

Now that York Region has entered Stage 3 of the government's plan, we have been given the green light from Ontario Soccer to enter Phase 2, which focuses on group training & modified games. Below is a graphic to help explain what this will entail:


Additionally, below are the documents that RHSC and Ontario Soccer have put together to allow us to return to the pitch this year: 

1) Ontario Soccer's Updated Return to Play Guide

2) RHSC's Return to Play Guide - Phase 1

3) RHSC's Return to Play Phase 1 Webinar

4) RHSC's Return to Play Policy - Phase 1

5) RHSC's Return to Play Guide - Phase 2 (U8-U18 Rep)

6) RHSC's Return to Play Guide - Phase 2 (OPDL)

7) RHSC's Return to Play Phase 2 Webinar (U8-U18 Rep)

8) RHSC's Return to Play Phase 2 Webinar (OPDL)

9) RHSC's Return to Play Policy - Phase 2

10) RHSC's COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan

Should you have any questions regarding Return to Play, please reach out to carl@richmondhillsoccer.com