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Recreational Home Program

Although we are currently closed due to COVID-19, that won’t stop us from helping our players grow and develop. Below is an outline of our Home Program for our recreational soccer players. This program provides activities for the players to complete each week to help develop their technical and physical skills. Follow the program each week so that you are prepared to jump back into soccer when we are given to green light to play.



Week 1


Week 2



Week 3

Foundation Touches

Week 4

Turning to Break Pressure

Week 5

Passing and Receiving

Week 6


Week 7

Dribbling and 1v1 Moves

Week 8

Physical Literacy

Week 9


Week 10


Week 11

Touches and Turns Part 1

Week 12

Touches and Turns Part 2

Week 13

Dribbling, Passing & Receiving

Week 14

Passing, Receiving and 1v1