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  • RHSC Coaching Application

  • Section A: Coaching Qualifications

  • Section B: Previous Coaching Experience

  • Please list your 3 most recent coaching positions.

  • Postion 1

  • Postion 2

  • Postion 3

  • Section C: Please tell us why you would like to coach

  • Section D: Requirements

    1. 1) If applying as a Coach or Assistant Coach, a copy of your coaching licensing and certifications will be requested in addition to this application.
    2. 2) A personal interview.
    3. 3) Coaching candidates required to conduct a practice session as part of this application process.
    4. 4) Onboarding process, which includes a Vulnerable Sector Screening/background check
    5. 5) 2 Professional References:

    Reference 1

  • Reference 2

  • This application is submitted and held in confidence.

    I have accurately completed this application and agree to allow the RHSC to verify personal references and all pertinent information. I have reviewed the above information and by checking the box below it indicates my agreement with such participation agreement.