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Annual General Meeting 

Date:        Monday March 1, 2021
Time:      7:00 PM
Location: Virtual

The AGM is for Governance matters such as:

  • Voting for members** of the Board of Directors
  • Review of the Club Financials

Nominations for the Board of Directors must be made in writing at least 14 days prior to the AGM. Anyone interested in running for a position on the Board must complete the following form: Nomination for the Board of Directors Form 

*New Business must be submitted to the Board thirty days prior to the meeting.

**Definition of Membership from the By-laws:


2.1 2.1                Categories – The Corporation has the following category of Member:

a)       Member – A maximum of one hundred fifty (150) individuals who have applied to be Active Members of the Corporation, who are eighteen (18) years of age and older, who have agreed to abide by the Corporation’s By-laws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations and who are registered, elected or appointed within the Corporation in any of the following positions:

i.         Recreational Program Volunteers

ii.       Competitive Program Volunteers

iii.      Committee Members appointed by the Board of Directors

iv.      Technical Committee Members appointed by the Board of Directors.  A maximum of 5 members may be Paid Team Coaches.

v.        Players who are current or previous players, who are at least 25 years old, registered with the Club for at least 10 years, in good standing

vi.      Referee / officials, not currently active, but who have refereed for the Club for 5 years, in good standing

vii.    Coaches, in good standing, not currently coaching for another club, 5 years with the Club

viii.   Previous / prior Board member serving club for 5 years

ix.      Honorary Life Appointments (Any individuals approved by Special Resolution of the Board who have contributed greatly to the development or promotion of the Corporation)

x.        Directors

xi.      By application of any individual approved by the Board by Ordinary Resolution, contemplating special circumstances.

b)       Corporate Administrative Staff and Corporate Technical Staff are not eligible to be Members.

c)       Individuals, excluding the Technical Committee Members identified in section 2.1.a) iv, earning more than $750.00 in the current calendar year, are not eligible for Membership.