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2000 Girls League Champions!

The 2000 Girls team under the leadership of Coach Vince Principato, Asst. Coach Joe Di Mambro and Manager Bruno Panzica ended their youth soccer careers on Sunday, August 12th in their final league game against Kingston United.  The season came down to the very last league game with RHSC (12-0-0) and Kingston (11-1-0).  The girls knew they had to tie or win to clinch 1st place.  Under blistering heat and a stand full of proud parents and family, the girls dominated with a 3-1 win over a very formidable opponent, thus achieving 1st place for the 2018 CSL U18 Female Division! As they left the field on Sunday afternoon, chatter was abuzz about their next soccer chapter … U21 at RHSC.  Congratulations Coach Vince and team!  Hard work. Commitment. Friendship. Fortitude. Success! A perfect end to a perfect season!