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RHSC’s Anand Sanchir Selected to Represent Canada in Futsal Series

January 22, 2016

Anand Sanchir from RHSC’s 2002 boys program was selected to represent Canada during a recent two game series against the U14 US National Futsal Team.

The team was assembled by the Toronto Futsal League (TFL), with approximately 40 players getting the invitation to try out based on their league play thus far this season. Anand was eventually selected as one of two goal keepers to represent the Canadian Team.

The two games were held on December 28th and December 30th, and the Canadian boys put on a couple of truly outstanding performances. They ended up splitting the two game series, winning the first game by a score of 7-5 then narrowly falling short in the second game 4-3.

This was definitely a remarkable performance from the Canadian Team, given the fact they did not have a lot of time to train together as a group and were facing off against a fully assembled US National Team.

Congratulations to Anand on being selected for the team and getting the chance to represent Canada!

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