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To All House League and Rep Referees:

We THANK YOU for the constant hard work done throughout the season. We are very proud of all of you and look forward to having you back for the upcoming season. Stay tuned for upcoming courses and meetings.

Make sure to check out all of RHSC's referee pages:

   - Become a Referee

   - Referee Resources

   - Forms & Information 

   - Referee News

If you have any questions regarding refereeing with RHSC, please contact our Club Head Referee Steven Penkarski at headreferee@richmondhillsoccer.com.

In Charge of the Game

The referee's decision is final and not subject to debate; this is the most basic rule of any sport. Players, coaches and spectators must accept this principle. Faced with verbal harrassment, intimidation, or physical threats, a referee has the right to abandon a game in these circumstances.

We cannot afford to drive referees away from the game. Any game official is under enough pressure without that added unnecessarily by players, coaches and spectators.

We encourage all RHSC members to report any abuse that you witness against a referee, whether it be before, during, or after a game.

Support the Referees

Let's face it, no one can totally agree with all the decisions and actions of the referee. The referee's job is the most difficult one in soccer... but the most important one. It's a job that, because it is less important for the youngest players, can be done at that level by a parent or coach.

As the game becomes more formalized, the referee is key to the proper conduct of the game. It's not unknown for rookie 14-year-old referees officiating 8-year-old players to be subjected to verbal abuse from overly zealous parents. Hopefully you're not one of them.

If it is coming form a parent of one of your child's teammates, what action should be taken? Because it does need action!

A quiet word in his/her ear may or may not be the way to go. A word with the coach? It needs to be handled delicately, but it should not be ignored because it is not right. On another note, do you make a point of thanking the referee at the end of the game? If not, consider it.