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Coaches Hangout - April 2020

The Technical Staff at RHSC discuss what's been going on during the temporary soccer shutdown. 
Surprisingly, there is a lot going on and a lot of exciting initiatives planned for summer 2020 and beyond. 
Favourite Teams & Players:
The RHSC Technical Staff discuss their favourite teams and players. They explain why these players and teams are their lifelong favourites. Also, listen as the staff talk about memories as a young football fan. Make sure to listen to the end as Technical Director Carl Horton shares a secret!
Impact of Previous Coaches:
The RHSC Technical Staff host a live session with players, parents and coaches to discuss the impact that coaches, teachers, parents have had on them as a young player and/or coach. Some great insight into what made the staff the talented and knowledgable soccer people they are today. 
Have a listen to both podcasts as the coaches have fun and entertaining discussions on the game in Richmond Hill! Stay tuned for more podcasts to come!!