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Kick Start 

Kick Start is a fun and exciting introductory program designed specifically to teach the fundamentals of soccer and sport movement to children at the beginner level. Working with RHSC's qualified and experienced coaching staff, players will participate in fun, child friendly, soccer related activities that will help them get comfortable with the ball and develop basic physical skills, such as running, kicking, jumping and coordination. This program will offer a variety of games, including 1v1 and 2v2 competition. The goal of our program is to Kick Start your child's love for the beautiful game!  

For players, Kick Start acts as an engaging first step into soccer and focuses on introducing the very basics of the game in a fun and energetic environment.
RHSC encourages all of our members to continually be active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We believe that introducing children to this type of activity at a young age is an important way to Kick Start a healthy lifestyle and keep them active in the future.


Kick Start is run by numerous of our Club's qualified coaches, all of which have experience coaching children at this particular stage of development, as well as an understanding of the importance of maintaining an enjoyable, high-energy atmosphere. Our coaches bring with them fantastic knowledge of the game along with contagious enthusiasm that children thrive off!


Our Indoor Kick Start is offered to U4 to U5 players - those born 2016 to 2014 - with eight 45 minute sessions scheduled once a week on either Tuesday, Friday or Sunday.
Sessions will take place in the Richmond Green Sports Dome. The fall program will run from the end of October to the third week of December, winter runs second week of January to beginning of March.