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Richmond Hill Challenge Cup and Festival

The 2020 RHSC Challenge Cup will be taking place from Friday, September 18th to Sunday, September 20th




Tournament and Festival play is an integral part of Raiders soccer. Tournament play provides teams the opportunity to compete in several games in a short period of time and helps to teach players how to play and win in a pressure situation. This opportunity for frequent repetitions of skills and tactics can be the key to improvement for players and teams. In addition, it gives each player the opportunity to travel and to meet soccer players from other places, while also giving the coaching staff an opportunity to learn from other programs and measure the progress of their own Club's efforts.

From Pre-Season to Post-Season!

The RHSC Challenge Cup has been one of the premier Rep soccer Tournaments in Ontario for over 20 years. For the first 10 years the tournament was held in May as a season opener, but since then has been held at the end of the season, the second weekend after Labour Day. As promised, the Challenge Cup has always delivered competitive and exciting events that provide teams an opportunity to compete with others from across Ontario, Quebec, and the northern United States.

Organized and coordinated by the dedicated staff and volunteers of Richmond Hill Soccer Club, the Challenge Cup provides top-notch tournament management and co-ordination. It is always a memorable experience for all teams and a perfect way to end the outdoor season!

Tournament Liaisons: Trevor Stephens - trevor@richmondhillsoccer.com,  905-883-2866 

2020 Challenge Cup                                                                                               

The 2020 RHSC Challenge Cup, Friday, September 18th to Sunday, September 20th.

Team Registration

Teams entered in this event must submit registration documents electronically or in person per the instructions on our Registration Page.

Festival Information (U9 to U12)Tournament Information (U13 and older)
- Boys: September 19, 2020 - Date: September 18-20, 2020
- Girls: September 20, 2020 - Fee: $475 
- Fee: $300 - Tournament Rating: U13 and up: NACC
- Tournament Rating: U9-U12: O-IDMC - Approval to Host North American Teams
- LTPD Compliant as per checklists below 
U9/U10 OSA Festival Host Checklist 
U11/U12 OSA Festival Host Checklist  
Ontario Soccer Mini Travel ApplicationOntario Soccer Youth Travel Application
U9 - U12 BoysU13 and older Boys and Girls
U9 - U12 Girls 
Registration Requirements (all ages) Publications
To enter the Tournament Click Here
   - Tournament Rules
- Online application form & fee due by August 25, 2019   - RHSC Fields & Facilities Map
- Online submission of rosters by September 6, 2019   - Teams Entered 
- Travel permission for out of District teams

   - Schedules - Category is Challenge Cup, Division is your team's age group. For U13+ if you leave the team filter empty you will see the semi and final games.

The U13 Boys Division schedule has been revised due to a team dropping out, Sept. 13 3:20pm. 

- Provide proof of player and team official registration  
   - Standings (13 and older only)
- Provide proof of travel insurance for out of Province / Canada teams

   - 2017 Results    

   - 2018 Results 

 - Submit documents per instructions on Registration Page                 
Hotel Partner Rates 
 - To see rates from our Challenge Cup hotel partner, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, click here.